Is PRP Therapy Effective?


Cutting edge medicine is by definition ahead of clinical studies. It takes a while for the mammoth research industry to catch up to new developments, and the science behind the veracity of claims in a sector may be years or decades behind the times. PRP (platelet rich plasma) therapy generally falls in the category of [...]

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‌Do‌ ‌PRP‌ ‌Injections‌ ‌Work‌ ‌for‌ ‌Knees?


By Sam McCommon and Michael K. Fujinaka, MD The body's joints are an easy thing to take for granted. When everything functions as intended, you'll barely notice at all. What's more, these same joints — the ones that allow you to move at all — are sadly undercelebrated body parts. You'll never see someone posing [...]

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How Does a PRP Procedure Work?


Your own body is pretty amazing at healing yourself. If you're healthy, a minor cut is, well, minor. Your body will repair itself quickly and you'll just as quickly forget you even had it. That healing takes place thanks to platelets, one of the three major components of your blood. For reference, the other two [...]

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What does PRP Stand For and What Is It?


What does PRP Stand For and What Is It? PRP stands for platelet rich plasma. Plasma is the fluid that makes up the majority of your blood’s volume; platelets help your body heal wounds. Platelet rich plasma is plasma that has more platelets in it than standard plasma. Essentially, PRP is your own platelets concentrated [...]

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