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Electromyograph (EMG) : A diagnostic procedure that evaluates the health of muscles and the nerves that control them.

Purpose: This type of testing is very helpful to confirm diagnoses and to develop an appropriate treatment plan. Measures muscle response or electrical activity in response to nerve stimulation of muscle. The doctor may perform an EMG if you are experiencing symptoms (pain, tingling, numbness, muscle weakness ) that indicate muscle/nerve disorder

Procedure: Two components of an EMG test

  • Nerve Conduction Study: Small sensors (surface electrodes) are placed on skin to assess the ability of nerves to send electrical signals

  • Needle EMG: Needle electrodes are directly inserted into muscle tissue to assess muscle activity when the muscle is at rest and contracted

Results: EMG results can reveal:

  • Nerve dysfunction

  • Muscle dysfunction

  • Pain radiating from the neck

  • Pain radiating from the lower back


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